Photographs from Dr Abhijit Das

Album 12: Picnic at Maithon, December 16, 2005

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The people in the car (Arnab, Subrat, Arijit)

The first gorgeous view of Damodar (Durgapur)

A closer look at Damodar (Durgapur)

Arijit in safe custody of Mom

We too took share

The delicious luchis

On the roof of Arijit's apartment building (Arnab, Arijit, Subrat)

Busy discussing maths? (Arnab, me, Subrat)

The reservoir at Maithon

The reservoir at Maithon

An island in the Maithon reservoir

The same island

Another island in the Maithon reservoir

Subrat, Oriya filmor hero

Arnab, Kannada filmana hero

Arijit, the poet who has never written a poem

The poet capturing the hero with his olympus magic

Millenium park, Maithon

Millenium park, Maithon

Python in Maithon, Millenium park

The Maithon dam with a foreground

The Maithon dam without a foreground

The Maithon dam with four of us on the ground (Me behind the lens)

Arijit is now behind the lens, so I am free to take a pose

Subrat: Conquered Mount Maithon

Back to the Maithon reservoir

What a pity: This bridge is private

Now we are on a boat ride

Subrat calibrating ride time, Arijit in search of paradise

The boat moves on

The distant islands are now so close

So many islands here and there

Another of the islands

Yet another island

And yet another

The picturesque house

Closer to the picturesque house

Even closer to the picturesque house

Crossing the picturesque house

Trail of our boat

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