Airports: The nearest airport to IIT Kharagpur is Kolkata Airport, which is about 125 kms from Kharagpur. Participants may choose international flights to Mumbai Airport or Delhi Airport and then take domestic flights to Kolkata Airport.

In order to avoid any inconvenience due to flight delays, time required for change of airport terminals by bus, immigration, customs, or any other unforeseen reasons, it is strongly suggested that there should be at least 4 hours gap between the connecting flights in any international airport in India.

Transportation from Airport: Taxis will be arranged by WALCOM 2013 organizing committee for transporting participants between Kolkata airport and the Guest House within the IIT Kharagpur campus. It takes about 4 hours by a taxi to travel between the airport and Kharagpur, and costs (one way) around INR 2500 or USD 50, divided by the number of persons sharing the taxi.

Transit Accommodation: Though taxis can be arranged to pick up participants anytime during the day and night from the airport, some participants may not prefer traveling in the night. For such participants, free transit accommodation has already been arranged for overnight stay at IIT Kharagpur Guest House in Kolkata, which is about 20 minutes drive from the Kolkata airport. An additional transport cost of around INR 500 (or USD 10) will be required for this overnight arrangement of taxi; the same taxi will take the participant to IIT Kharagpur after overnight halt at the Guest House in Kolkata.

Payment: All payments for transport between Kolkata and IIT Kharagpur campus must be done only to WALCOM 2013 organizing committee. No payment should be made to the taxi driver.

Banking: The banks in Kharagpur may not accept foreign currency/cheque. Therefore, it is better to obtain Indian currency at the airport itself for the payment (in cash only) of travel charges and guest house charges to the WALCOM 2013 organizing committee.

Emergency: A contact number (available round the clock) will be provided for assistance during travel in India to IIT Kharagpur.


Kharagpur is a well-connected railway junction with the longest platform in the world. Trains from major cities including Kolkata pass through Kharagpur. For details, see Indian Railways.

There are local subarban trains as well as long-distance express trains from Howrah Station for Kharagpur. Howrah and Kolkata are twin cities separated by the river Ganges.


Accommodation of all speakers and registered participants will be arranged in the Guest House of IIT Kharagpur. Guest Houses are well-furnished and daily charge in Category B is around INR 600 (USD 12) to INR 800 (USD 16). Guest house charges for dual sharing accommodation, including food, would not exceed INR 1000 (USD 20) per day.

Guest-house rooms will be booked by the conference organizer once the participant pays the registration fee.

Lunch will be provided free of cost to all speakers and registered participants at the workshop venue for all three days. Workshop dinner will be on 15th February night and no additional payment will be required for this dinner.

Kharagpur Map. IIT Kharagpur is highlighted in yellow in this image. Click on this image to get the wikimapia. Then you can zoom out to see the details up to country level and zoom in to locate the venue (Ramanujan Complex).